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Sister Wives | Finding your Perfect Match

Finding the Perfect Match

When a couple or a single man/lady takes the journey of Polygamy sometimes if not almost every time it takes a while. Sometimes this can be as short as a few weeks or as long as a few years. As a couple looking think about the time when you were single and found your mate, It may have been difficult to meet that special person your with because of “matching Preference” think about all the others that you dated in the past that were not the right match. As a single looking think about the same and your own desires as to what you seek. When you enter into the Poly world, you need to match with your sister wife and husband. As a couple you have your spouse and now a new member to worry about, her likes, dislikes, hobbies, food preference, habits etc. Depending on your family, you may want to move fast or slow, but the balance falls between where you all feel comfortable. Wanting a Poly family and rushing to quickly could result in a disaster if not everyone involved is on the same page.
A few tips to help you move forward on Make sure your profile is filled out correctly, and fully, add photos and maybe some fun ones.  Be active, Log in often to check your messages and respond, if you are not interested in a family or a single that is messaging you should be honest and let them know so either party can move on. Be honest in what you are looking for this can be added in your profile. has added new features including chat and video chat that makes it easier than having to use outside video programs.
Most of all have fun with your search, stay positive and keep moving forward in the end you will match with the prefect person for your family. Having a Sister wife or a family is important, and creating the environment that you see in polygamy is important.


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Disclaimer: We are unable to contact TLC to confirm if Sister Wives Dating Belongs to them, But it does seem possible that they are affiliated in one way or another.